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Bayliner 2651 Ciera Sunbridge – 1990

Bayliner 2651 Ciera Sunbridge – 1990

January 5, 2009 @ 5:31 am

1990 Bayliner 2651 Ciera Sunbridge with Triple-Axle Trailer


Electronics: compass, depth sounder, loran, VHF radio, stereo

Systems: hot water, shore power, battery charger, halon, fire extinguisher

Interior: Dinette, carpet, hi-lo table, sleeper, sofa, fridge, freezer, sink, stove, pumpout head, shower

Exterior: Bow pulpit, swim platform w/ladder, trim tabs, cockpit cover, bimini, camper top w/side & aft curtians, anti-fouling paint

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  • byronwilliams54
    January 5, 2009

    how do you winterize a 1990 2651 bayliner?
    it is a ciera sunbridge with 305 v8 closed system

  • mark t
    January 5, 2009

    I have copied my previous answer to this question:
    Very easy to do. Get a winterizing kit from West Marine that includes a 5 gallon container with hose attachment, flush-out attachment for the lower unit, and a case of non-tox anti freeze.Get a can of engine fogging spray. Warm up the engine by hooking up the flush out attachment to the lower unit and a garden hose, let it run with the water on for 5 minutes. Do not start it until the garden hose is turned on! Hook up the 5 gallon container to the flush out attachment with the clear hose provided. Fill the container with a/f and place it on the transom. Put the flush out on the lower unit over the water intakes. Open the valve on the 5 gallon container so the a/f flows, it will drip a lot until you start the engine. get the flame arrestor of the engine and start it up. It will take that 5 gallons quickly so act fast. Start shooting the fogging spray into the air intake after 1 gallon of a/f is sucked in. Shoot the spray until the engine dies out if you can, or at least until it smokes a lot. Very important that you do not let the engine run out of the non-tox a/f. It will have enough in it when you see the a/f running out of the exhaust and it does not look diluted, so shut the engine down when you reach that point. spray the engine down with silicone spray to keep it from corroding.
    Then you also have to winterize any system that has water in it: fresh water, head, salt water wash down, etc. You should also change the engine oil before you winterize the engine, and the lower unit oil.
    Lower the engine into the running position. On the left side there are 2 plugs in the lower unit. Place a drain pan under the lower unit and remove both plugs, bottom one first. After the oil has drained then you will start pumping the lower unit oil in from the bottom plug. When it comes out the top hole with no air bubbles put the top plug in and tighten. Then put the bottom plug in. The bottom plug has a magnet on it to catch metal particles. Clean that off before putting back in.
    Don't forget the engine and hull zincs. Put antifreeze in the head and water system and pump through all the faucets until you see the a/f. pump out the holding tank.
    Some people suggest just draing the raw water out of the engine but if you don't get it all you will have some damage. Also the nontox anti-freeze has ingredients that help keep seals pliable. You can get the winterizing kit from any good marine supply store.
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  • January 27, 2009

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  • marius
    October 18, 2009

    I need bayliner 2651 hatch lids, do you have it for sale?


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