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Boating – Bayliner Boats Review

Boating – Bayliner Boats Review

February 21, 2011 @ 11:17 pm

Whether you’re a seasoned or first time boater – whether you are buying or have a boat for sale…

Reviews should play a big part in your boating research online and offline. They can and will arm you with valuable boating information that you can leverage when it comes to purchasing or selling your watercraft.

These series of articles are going to provide you information on what models each marine manufacturer have.

These reviews are also an excellent valuation for your own watercraft by gathering information on your mechanical, electrical, interior and exterior maintenance and what’s available in boat covers.

In this article I’m going to provide you the following boating information;

• Bayliner Boats
• A brief history of the manufacturer
• Most popular boat models
• What is available in boat covers

Ok so let’s get started – Bayliner Boats originally started in 1965 by Mr. Orin Edson, who at the time was operating a company called Advanced Outboard Marine. Orin founded the company in 1955 and was selling outboard engines and boating accessories.
Mr. Edson went out and purchased some deck and hull fibreglass molds from a very small boat manufacturer named Bayliner, located in North Sound, Washington.

Today Bayliner Boats are owned and manufactured by the Brunswick Marine Group, who is a leader in the marine industry today.

Some of the most popular models of Bayliner Boats;

1. Capri Bow Rider
2. Capri Cuddy
3. Ciera
4. Discovery
5. Fish and Ski
6. Sunbridge
7. Classic
8. Motor Yacht
9. Victoria
10. Jazz

As you can see Bayliner offers plenty of models to choose from. They have a boat that will suit you and your families boating needs on the water.

Here is what’s available in boat canvas for these boat models of Bayliner;

• 4 Piece Top Set – which includes top, side curtains and slant stern curtain.
• 5 Piece Top Set – which includes top, side curtains, slant stern curtain and bow cover.
• Camper Top Set – This includes top, side curtains and camper back.
• Bimini Top Set – This includes bimini top, front curtain, side curtains and slant stern curtain.
• Cruise Top Set – This includes bimini top, front curtain, side curtains and cruise stern curtain.
• Bimini Top
• Cockpit Cover
• Cockpit/bow Cover Set
• Mooring Cover
• Trailer/Storage Cover

As you can see there are many types of boat covers available. Before you purchase new boat canvas – educate yourself with the correct terminology for different styles of boat covers and what they do to protect your boat. That way you can be sure get the proper canvas that best suits your needs.

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  • KraKer
    March 1, 2011

    II have a 1995 Walk around Cuddy Trophy 20 with an OB. Last Spring the engine started giving me lots of problems namely, it would shutdown while underway. I put it in the shop. Several hundred dollars later i was still having the same problem, the boat was unreliable.
    I noticed the fuel bulb would go flat. If I manually pumped it the engine would start and run for a while. I took the fuel hoses out and checked them. They LOOKED fine. I took the boat to another shop. The owner walked over to the boat and looked in the fuel bowl of my fuel/water separator filter and said “see that black stuff, that’s your hose.
    I brought the boat home and got a $5 piece of fuel hose. Took the old one out. It is located on the aft starboard side over the battery compartment.
    The boat now runs great! Thank you mister president for putting alcohol in our fuel!

  • March 3, 2011

    Hi Kraker, thanks for the excellent tip for our Bayliner boaters. have a great day.
    Rick Ostler

  • Howard Sexton
    April 14, 2011

    Hi Rick,
    I have a 32′ 1988 Bayliner Avanti. I need new canvas. Bimini,side curtains, windshield,and a camper back. I also need the frame work for camper back. I would like this in black. Hull# BLBA89EGA888. Please quote me your price.
    Thank you
    Howard M. Sexton

  • April 15, 2011

    Hi Howard,
    Thanks for the interest in our Bayliner canvas products. Sorry we do not
    have the pattern for a camper back for your boat. Bayliner did not offer
    that canvas option in 1988 so there is no pattern available.

    We do have the pattern for a the original factory made Boat Top Set complete
    with top, side curtains and slant stern curtain.

    Please let me know if your interested in a quote. Thanks and have a good
    Rick Ostler

  • michael davis
    April 18, 2011

    Rick I have a BYQD98FDC87 Hard Top Sport fisherman. I would like a stern and camper back.
    Thanks You

  • April 19, 2011

    Hi Michael,
    Nice to hear from you and interest in our Bayliner canvas products. Bayliner did not offer a camper back for your Bayliner Hard Top Sport fisherman boat in 1987. I sent you an email for what we have in replacement canvas and prices for your boat. Thanks, Rick

  • Dean Banta
    May 6, 2011

    looking for a cockpit cover for my 1987 Bayliner Ciera 2155. I have just purchased this boat and I want to maintain it while I refurbish it.

  • May 6, 2011

    Hi Dean,
    Thanks for the interest in our Bayliner canvas products. Please provide the hull number for your boat. That’s how we can search our data base for factory original canvas. You will find the hull number stamped into the fiberglass on back of boat, usually on the driver side below rub rail. It should also be on your ownership papers. It will be a series of numbers and letters, the last two always end in the year of your boat.

    Then I can see whats available in canvas for your boat. Also if you would like your provide location, I can include a quote for shipping. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you……Rick Ostler

  • cselgren
    May 21, 2011

    Hi Rick,
    I need a 5 piece cover for my 15 ft bayliner runabt 1993 hull i.d. BL3A67CTC393
    can j get a quote

  • May 23, 2011

    Hello cselgren, Nice to hear from you – we do have the pattern for a 5pc boat top set for your 1993 Bayliner 1600. I have sent you an email with details and pricing. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rick Ostler

  • Jeffrey Little
    May 30, 2011

    I am interested in purchasing a bow and cockpit cover for model # BIYC06CEJ98. Please send me a price with details. Thank you, Jeff

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